How I Became the ‘Hoodie Girl’

How I Became the ‘Hoodie Girl’: Attending Conferences as a Neurodiverse Scientist

From a Nature Article featuring Monash University Biostatistician Penny Robinson

“Diagnosed with autism as a teenager, Penny Robinson navigates life on her own terms. In secondary school, she loved science and found her calling in crunching numbers.

She faced several challenges, such as bullying from other students, following ad hoc plans to complete studies at her own pace and eventually opting to earn a master’s degree instead of a PhD. But those struggles didn’t stop Robinson from becoming a biostatistician and lecturer in the department of epidemiology and preventative medicine at the Monash University School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine in Melbourne, Australia.

Committed to helping others in their careers, she also co-founded the I CAN Network, an organization that mentors young autistic people.”

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