Humans on the Autism Spectrum

And that’s a wrap on Humans on the Autism Spectrum 2018!

From the team at I CAN Network:

Thank you to everyone who has joined our movement over the last month. We have loved bringing you Humans on the Autism Spectrum – sharing stories to create inclusive schools, workplaces and societies.

Your likes, comments, shares and contributions have helped our AWEtism Rethink reach thousands of people around Australia. With your help, we are driving real change across schools, workplaces and communities all over the country.

Look back on your favourite moments from the month of April at What was your favourite story? Let us know – or better yet, share it with your friends and let them know!

Although the campaign is officially over, our work is not yet done.

We will continue to create networks that enable people on the Spectrum – but to do that, we need your help. Join us by donating or giving monthly, following us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram and sharing our work with the world.

Plus, we’re looking for more stories of the Autism Spectrum to share throughout the year. Have you got a special talent you’d like to share with the world? Do you want to tell us your I CAN story? Email and let us know all about you – we want to shine a spotlight on you!

Thank you for your ongoing support, whether through liking or sharing posts, or by donating.

Together, we are creating a world that benefits from embracing Autism.

Huge thanks,
The I CAN Team

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