I CAN – James Ong

Hiya there!

My name is James Ong. I am in third year, studying the Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program) with majors in immunology and physiology. I am academically intelligent and work hard in my studies, but I also like to surf the net and go running. I am also in the autism spectrum, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at the age of four. Although it can sometimes affect me, throughout my life I have taken huge strides to where I am today, maturing and becoming more confident about myself.

I am working with Chris Varney, a Monash alumnus, to set up an I.CAN network in Monash University for students under the spectrum. As a first-year university student in the spectrum it was difficult for me to transition into university. I know that students in the spectrum may find the transition to university life overwhelming, demanding and emotionally draining. Yet there are no mentoring networks or outlets for university students under the spectrum to meet up and chat together.

Hence, we are setting up an I.CAN network in Monash University for students in the spectrum to meet once a month. Here, you can socialize with other students in the spectrum and share your experiences and coping strategies to other students like you while listening and learning from others. Our goal is to create an enabling environment where students in the spectrum can openly discuss anything they may have and feel empowered to overcome their limits and succeed in university and life.

Our next meeting will be on
Thursday 10th October, 12-1PM,
Building 6 (Faculty of Education),
Level 1,Room TLS110,
Clayton campus

RSVP to chris.r.varney@gmail.com.

I hope to see you there!

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The I.CAN Team – Chris, Penny and James

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