I CAN Network Update

Happy AWEgust!

AWEgust for AWEtism is finally here, and so is the next edition of Grapevine.

In addition to the AWEgust campaign (which has amassed over $15,000 so far) also look at the first primary school mentoring program, and hear from a new blogger and one of the can volunteers.

Read Grapevine here.

What will you say ‘I CAN’ to this AWEgust?

Have you signed up to an AWEgust challenge yet? For those struggling for ideas, here is a list to get you started. Or, you can choose your own challenge! Pick a challenge and click “Sign Up”!

  • Give up a daily luxury
    • Video games, TV, coffee, chocolate, makeup
  • Step outside of you comfort zones
    • Give a speech or performance to your class or workplace
  • Conquer a fear
    • Like heights!
  • Challenge yourself
    • Set a fitness goal, be healthy or go vegetarian for the month
  • Change your ‘look’
    • Chop off your dreadlocks or dye your hair
  • Learn something new
    • Take up that thing you’ve been putting on the backburner

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