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Gogo agrees to in-flight captions

In-flight entertainment provider Gogo Vision has struck an agreement with the US National Association of the Deaf to provide passengers with closed caption access on streaming content.

Organisations receive Emmy awards for internet caption standards

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) were honoured at the 67th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards held in Las Vegas on 8 January for developing standards that allow closed captions to be provided for online videos.

Languages and the media conference – a major access event

The 11th Languages and The Media conference, which is the largest accessibility conference in the world, will take place in Berlin on 2-4 November 2016. Calls for proposals and papers around the theme of ‘Agile Mediascapes – Personalising the Future’ are currently open, based on the growing range of on-demand services and other distribution channels.

Pixar’s new app bypasses cinema audio description issues

Movie producer and distributor Pixar Studios has moved to solve the problem of blind people not being able to access its movies by creating an audio description app. Media Access Australia’s CEO, Alex Varley, provides his thoughts on the development and outlines cinema access priorities for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Petition launched for more audio description on iTunes

Accessible media advocate Phillip Chalker has launched a petition calling on iTunes to provide more movies with audio description for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility promotional video out now

A new video produced by Media Access Australia has been created to promote the upcoming Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility course. It’s designed to underline the main points and key benefits of enrolling in Australia’s only university-accredited web accessibility certificate for digital professionals.

Accessibility article

Content marketers ignore accessibility at their peril

Do you want to be a truly brilliant content marketer? Irrespective of the desired platforms for engagement, there could be one thing holding you back. Media Access Australia’s Deputy CEO, Natalie Collins, explains how accessible content has a much wider benefit for people of all abilities, providing three key ways to extend your reach, as well as six tips to target when integrating accessibility into your content strategy.

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