RecruitAbility scheme

The RecruitAbility scheme supports people with disability applying for jobs in the Australian Public Service (APS) by giving you a better opportunity to put forward your skills and experience during the selection process. RecruitAbility offers you the opportunity to progress to further assessment stages in an APS recruitment exercise for a vacancy advertised under the scheme if you:

  • declare you have a disability,
  • apply and opt in to the scheme, and
  • are assessed as meeting the minimum requirements of the vacancy.

To opt in to the scheme, you need to apply to a vacancy advertised under the scheme and address the selection criteria. As part of the application process, you may also need to complete online testing, phone interviews or other preliminary testing.

Your application will be assessed by the agency to see if it meets the minimum requirements for the vacancy. If it does, you will be shortlisted for further assessment. This could be an interview or another type of assessment.

How to search for jobs to which the RecruitAbility scheme applies:

  1. Go to the Quick Search page
  2. Select the ‘RecruitAbility’ tickbox
  3. Click ‘Search’
  4. A list of jobs will appear.

You can find more information at the RecruitAbility website.

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