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New Workshop Series: Let’s Talk Assessment

Student Academic Success is excited to invite you to their new series of workshops to help you succeed in your assessments at Monash.

Each workshop is based on a fundamental assessment skill or a particular type of assessment that you may encounter in your studies at Monash.

They take you through key features, characteristics and effective ways to approach them.

Decoding your first assessment (15 March)

Stuck trying to make a start?

An understanding of assessment task requirements, and what they are asking you to do, is essential for academic success.

This workshop provides hands-on strategies to address assessment tasks.

Register here for the online workshop

Structuring your writing (16 March)

Trying to improve your structure and flow?

Paragraphs are the building blocks for your assessments.

This workshop will help you to structure your paragraphs and to convey your ideas more clearly and logically.

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How to write excellent essays (20 & 21 March)

Having trouble with essays?

Get practical tips to plan and write essays, hone your academic English skills and adapt your academic style and writing for the essay type.

Book into the workshop for argumentative essays, reflective essays, or come to both!

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Present with impact (29 March)

Getting ready for a presentation?

Attend this workshop to get top tips for delivering engaging and impactful oral presentations.

You will learn key presentation skills, such as planning and structuring, as well as language strategies.

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How to write an excellent report (30 March)

Writing a report?

Learn about the unique features of reports including typical report structure, balancing description and analysis, communicating your position and persuading your audience while using tables, figures, and graphs effectively.

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How to write a literature review (3 April)

Not sure where to begin with a lit review?

Understand the unique features of reviews and the main processes involved in completing this common assessment task.

Learn key strategies to use when planning, reading for and writing up your review.

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The secrets of successful teamwork (5 April)

Ready to ace groupwork?

Working in a team is a crucial part of university assessment.

Learn effective teamwork strategies for planning, goal setting, key interpersonal and communication skills, active listening, and team dynamics.

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