Letter from Blind Cricket Australia

Dear Student

Blind Cricket is a sport that’s been around in Australia since 1922, with the Victorian Blind Cricket Association playing cricket in Melbourne since 1928.

Cricket is an integral part of most Australians lifestyles, allowing us to keep fit, whilst playing an exciting sport that is both intense in its rivalries, as well as being a great outdoors activity to promote both fair play in sport and health.

Blind Cricket Australia is the governing body for blind cricket in this country, and in conjunction with our state partners, we’re excited to promote our growing sport to all young blind and Vision Impaired students.  Blind Cricket is a participation sport for everyone and we welcome interest from both female and male athletes wishing to come and play our great game.

With the Ashes series against the English coming up in January 2016, and a world cup in India late next year to worry about, we are keen to encourage new players to come along and play in their home states.  Blind Cricket offers great opportunities to play cricket at a local social level, as well as progressing to represent both your State and Country at various national championships as well as international tournaments, both home and abroad.

So, how can you get involved in playing the number one participation sport for Vision Impaired athletes around the country?

Pop an email through to Marco Curralejo at secretary@blindcricket.org.au and let’s chat about getting you in touch with your local State and get you  involved in playing some blind cricket and who knows, maybe you too can one day represent your state or even your country internationally.

Kind Regards

Marco Curralejo

Secretary-Blind Cricket australia

Phone: +61 (0)412 128 429

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