Mentoring for Students Using Auslan

Are you a Deaf, Deafblind or hard of hearing student who uses Auslan and needs academic support?

Dr Gabrielle Hodge is a Deaf researcher and writer based in Naarm / Melbourne. She is a trained linguist with fifteen years experience researching and teaching in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Gabrielle specialises in research relating to deaf people, sign languages and communication.

Gabrielle’s aim is to research, teach, and build capacity with other deaf people.

As part of this, Gabrielle offers tailored academic and career mentorship services to Deaf, Deafblind and hard of hearing students who are studying at Universities and other higher education institutions. This typically includes peer-to-peer scholarly discussion in Auslan, written academic English skills development, and general academic and career guidance.

*Benefits include scholarly discussion and mentorship with a Deaf peer and in your own language Auslan.

You will also learn how to navigate academic, research, and professional environments that are generally hostile for Deaf, Deafblind and hard of hearing signing people.

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