Raise the Platform

Want to be a Part of an Awesome Radio Program and Share Your Lived Experience of Disability?

Raise the Platform is SYN’s flagship radio program for young people aged 12-25 to advocate for and share their experiences of disability.

Raise the Platform allows for both disabled people and carers of disabled people to meet and network with people who experience similar challenges and offers an excellent opportunity to gain confidence with speaking in public, working as part of a team, develop employability skills as well as have fun.

Some previous topics that have been explored on the show include:

  • Employment
  • Education (both high school and tertiary)
  • Music
  • Disability
  • Driving

About SYN

SYN is an awesome, inclusive Melbourne community radio station based out of RMIT that highly values the voices of all young people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

SYN has programming on a myriad of topics and offers real industry experience to emerging professionals.

Each year SYN supports 300+ volunteers 25 and under to produce radio, TV and online media content that matters to young people.

The next SYN training days will be the 23rd and 30th of March and the 15th and 22nd of June 2024.

For interested students there are full fee-paying scholarships available. To apply go to: https://www.syn.org.au/access

For more information contact:

  • Imi they/it – Executive Producer for Raise the platform – raisetheplatform@syn.org.au


  • Shaz they/them – Disability Access Coordinator and Raise the platform facilitator (Monday’s 9-5pm) Shaz.Sturk@syn.org.au

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