Research Associate Opportunity

Equity Fellowship – Research Associate Opportunity

David Eckstein, a careers practitioner for university students with disability and 2020 Equity Fellow at the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, is seeking to appoint a part-time researcher to assist with a research ethics application and the design, administration and analysis of national surveys, round table discussions and select university case studies. Payment is set within the Swinburne Academic A salary range up to ACA-6 (at Swinburne ACA-6).  Experience with conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis is required.

The start date for the project is February 2020.  The position would suit a current PhD candidate or post-doctoral researcher.

The Fellowship Project

The Fellowship project aims to add disability to the national conversation about graduate employment by identifying best-practice initiatives and developing open access tools for all universities to use. Graduate employability outcomes are not equitable for students with disability. In a rapidly changing labour market, they are likely to get worse without targeted efforts. Currently, few universities are proactively addressing this issue.

Swinburne is leading innovation with its AccessAbility Careers Hub, a partnership between Careers & Employability, AccessAbility Services and WISE Employment. Building on the experience of the Hub as well as primary data collection and consultation with key stakeholders across Australia, the Fellowship will provide evidence-informed guidance to universities to develop institutionally-specific strategies to support students with disability transition to the workforce.

A National Community of Practice

As an Equity Fellow, David will establish a national community of practice and host an inaugural summit on strategies to support graduate employment outcomes of students with disability. More details are available on the NCSEHE website.

To express your interest please email David Eckstein

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