Spring PACE Mentoring program

  • Are you a student with disability who wants guidance on how to pursue your career goals?
  • Are you looking to network and advance your career opportunities?
  • Are you interested in honing your job seeking skills and learning from an industry professional?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then participating in PACE Mentoring could be the experience you’re looking for.

PACE is the Australian Network on Disability’s (AND) vibrant and dynamic mentoring program developed to mutually benefit employers, and students with disability. PACE offers the opportunity to develop jobseeking skills and confidence in a workplace setting, and can assist with planning your career journey, as well as aiding personal and professional development. PACE recognises that students with disability frequently find themselves with little or no work experience, and may not be fully aware of the skills and attributes they can offer an organisation. PACE aims to assist you to become ‘job-ready’ and reduce some of these hurdles.

How does it work?

PACE is a three month program which takes place twice a year. The Spring program is due to commence in September and we are now accepting applications. Mentors and mentees will meet approximately 6-8 times during the 12 weeks. It is free to mentees, and the Australian Network on Disability (AND) will manage the program from start to finish.

During the program, the mentee and mentor will set goals and outcomes, discuss experiences, skills, and career pathways. Other activities may include:

  • Reviewing resumes and cover letters
  • Mock interviews
  • Worksite visits
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Discussing workplace adjustments
  • Building confidence.

For more information on the PACE mentor program, visit the Australian Disability Network website. For instructions on how to become a mentee click ‘Become a PACE mentee‘.

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