Stepping Into – Summer 2015/16 Opportunities

Stepping Into…TM is a paid internship program specifically designed for students with a disability who want paid, hands-on work experience that is degree-relevant.

All opportunities available over Summer 2015/16 are currently advertised on the website. To keep up-to-date with what’s on offer, follow them on Facebook.

You must be in your penultimate or final year of a Bachelor or Postgraduate degree to participate in Stepping Into, and must be registered with Disability Services at your university, or provide relevant medical documentation with the application. For full details on eligibility requirements, please click here.

Placements will commence from November 2015 to January 2016, allowing you to complete the internship during the summer university break. Placements are for a minimum 152 hours (unless otherwise specified in the job description). These hours can be worked either full time or part time depending on your requirements.

For any queries regarding Stepping Into program or the PACE Mentoring program, please contact:

Steph Littlewood

Program Coordinator

02 8270 9240

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