Supporting Employees Mental Health

DCJ  – Supporting Their Employees Mental Health

Australian Network on Disability (AND) is sharing the way in which organisations are supporting employees mental health and rising to the challenge.

In a recent article, the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) explore their robust mental health support system and why it’s so crucial.

Making Mental Health Important

Staff at DCJ work in challenging environments, with some of the most vulnerable communities – making mental health very important.

Mental health is a significant issue in the community and for our staff at DCJ,” says Norma Kaddour, Manager Workers Compensation & Injury Management. “The impact of COVID-19, bushfires, drought and flooding in NSW in recent years have also contributed to mental health issues in the community.”

DCJ offers a variety of ways to support mental health, including mental health first aid training.

But mental health first aid training isn’t the only kind of support available at DCJ.

Because of the scope of the work within the department, divisions in DCJ also offer their own localised mental health support, including:

  • Welfare officers, drug and alcohol counselling for Corrective Services Staff
  • Development of programs and services by business areas
  • Peer Support Programs
  • The Employee Assistance Program
  • Targeted campaigns for mental health support like the Push Up Challenge, R U OK Day and Mental Health Month.

Find out more at AND.

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