Teaching Inclusively for Disability – 1 hour workshop

DSS  is proud to present a one-hour workshop ‘Teaching Inclusively for Disability’ as part of Diversity and Inclusion Week 2016.


1.00pm to 2.00pm
Thursday October 6, 2016
H3 lecture Theatre, Menzies Building
20 Chancellor’s Walk
Monash University Clayton Campus

This workshop will address these key questions:

What kind of supports should we offer students with disability, mental health or medical conditions?

What are ‘reasonable adjustments’, and what are good practice examples and guidelines?

What can we learn from the research into the effectiveness of individualised adjustments and institutionalised learning supports?

How do we define Inclusive Teaching, and what are some practical strategies?

What are some of the challenges for Academic staff in the diverse learning environment, and how can we address these?

What can we learn from the feedback and comments within the CEED Module Teaching Inclusively for Disability – including examples of good practice by academic staff?


Professor Ellie Fossey is Head of Department in Occupational Therapy, Monash University. Her previous research has predominantly focused on participation and disability, experiences of everyday living with mental health issues, and the ways in which people’s occupations may be impacted by ongoing health conditions. Recent projects focus on tertiary education experiences and support of students with disabilities, employment barriers and workplace supports for employees experiencing mental health issues, and recovery-oriented practice in mental health services; and involve interdisciplinary and interagency research collaborations.

Ellie co-authored the research report Supporting tertiary students with disabilities: Exploring the use of individualized and institution-level approaches in practice. Adelaide, SA: National Council for Vocational & Educational Research (NCVER).

Associate Professor Gerry Rayner is an education-focussed academic within the Monash University Office of Learning and Teaching. He is the lead Academic Facilitator of the CEED (Continuing Education Excellence Development) Module: Teaching Inclusively for Disability.

Gerry Rayner has worked as an academic in Biological Sciences, coordinating large enrolment first year units, researching and evaluating educational practice and innovation, and supporting programs in student transition and orientation, and their longer-term career development, including work-integrated learning.

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