The Vice-Chancellor’s Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program

Leadership training helps to unlock your potential – enhancing your ability to have a positive influence on your peers and on the world. We seek participation from students who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, interests and courses, who wish to improve their community and their own leadership skills. If you are a first year student who has a vision for constructive change in society, then we encourage  you to apply.

Applications for positions in the Vice-Chancellor’s 2015 Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program are now open and close on Monday 4th August 2014.

The Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program kicks off with a three-day residential in mid-February 2015 followed by eight evening seminars spread over the academic year and a graduation ceremony in mid-October 2015. Commitment to each of these events is compulsory but other events such as attending lectures, forums and social events are optional. Best of all there are no exams or assignments to complete!

Visit our website to apply and to find out more about the Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program.

See our profile of Shaz Sturk, Ancora Imparo alumni and Disability Services student on our website.

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