Thursday DS Link Round Up!

Happy long weekend everyone!

  • On Ouch Blog, Rebecca Atkinson asks is it time to stop using the word ‘disability’?
  • ‘Trevor Thomas, 46, had his life abruptly interrupted when he lost his sight 10 years ago through a rare eye condition’. Lee Kumutat discusses Trevor’s experiences hiking after losing his sight.
  • Six young Australians tell their personal stories of managing mental illness as part of the ABC’s annual Heywire competition.
  • Brett Williamson writes, Muscular Dystrophy SA uses art therapy to brush underlying issues with creative counselling
  • Australian surfer Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart has won a gold medal at the first world adaptive surfing championships at La Jolla in California.
  • Emma Wynne writes, next year a modified production of The Lion King will roar into Perth, tailored specifically for the needs of children with autism.

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