Watch paralympian Dylan Alcott rap with Ghostface Killah at Meredith

“What better way to unwind after 24 hours of world record breaking tennis than rapping your favourite verse, with one of your favourite rappers from your favourite group of all time.”

So said Australian gold medallist who just spent his weekend at Meredith Music Festival – part of it on-stage with Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah rapping in front of a packed crowd. The 24-year-old paralympian crowdsurfed his way to the front of the festival audience where he joined the New York rapper centrestage and totally nailed a verse of Wu classic, ‘Protect Ya Neck’.

The Saturday afternoon performance follows the athlete completing a 24-hour marathon of wheelchair tennis in Melbourne last Thursday, as ABC News details, raising nearly $70,000 for the Starlight Foundation and Variety Children’s Charity.”I had ice packs on my hands because my wrists were so swollen from playing 24 hours of tennis,” says Dylan, who has scored the opportunity to meet his rap hero backstage at Meredith.


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