WISE Employment Scholarship

WISE Employment Sponsors Full-Tuition Scholarship for Masters Level Study for Students with Disabilities

WISE Employment is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities, illnesses, injuries, and other disadvantages to thrive in their careers.

Their primary goal is to assist people in developing their capabilities to secure meaningful employment and lead fulfilling lives independently.

In line with this vision, WISE (who also provide the award-winning GradWISE program for Monash – and other – students) are thrilled to announce the launch of a new full-tuition scholarship, specially curated to support a person with a disability in pursuing masters level study at a Melbourne Business School.

  • Applications for this scholarship are now open and will close on the 14th of August. https://wiseemployment.com.au/2023/07/05/supporting-future-leaders-with-new-scholarship/

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