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In the December edition:

Wellbeing Events and News

Stay Healthy During the Festive Season!

christmasimageThe festival season comes only once a year and it’s a great time to catch up with family, friends and colleagues to share a wonderful meal together. There’s always a long line of events to attend – lunches, dinners, drinks – all packed with great food and good wine! And, there’s no need to miss out – just remember to try and make the healthier choices and enjoy the festive season without the festive kilos! Whether you’re organising the office party or the Christmas lunch, here are some simple tips to help you have fun without packing on the traditional extra kilos:

  • Stay away from fried foods or if you have to, limit yourself to only one or two treats
  • Opt for the healthier options, salads, vegetarian options, grilled or roasted meats
  • Try the healthier snack options like low fat dips with pita bread or vegetable sticks
  • Choose delicious fresh fruit over sugary deserts
  • Always remember to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Drink less soft drink and juices
  • Limit yourself to only a small amount of alcohol
  • If taking food to an event, take a healthy option ie vegetarian quiche, salad, frittata
  • Regift food presents like chocolates and biscuits or share them with others so you don’t consume them all yourself
  • Remember to maintain a regular exercise program to steer off those unwanted kilos

Most importantly, remember to have a great break and a wonderful festive season!

Celebrating the 10,000 Steps Challenge 2015Winning Team-Image 1 A

Well done to all the 10,000 steps participants who took part in this years 10,000 Steps challenge. This year, the challenge went global, with participants taking part in a virtual walk around Italy. We had the highest participation levels ever, with 356 teams, and 2,716 participants.

Well done to the winning team, Train Rex (image on the right), who took out first place honours. Second place went to Looneytunes@Monash with Ganz Toll coming in third.

Connie Glover team captain of team, Train Rex has explained how her team achieved the winning spot:

“Being my 4th year as Team Captain I have become more competitive so there was a selection process to adding members to my team. I raised the bar higher this year (10,000 steps was just dust in the distance) and my team did me proud. Basically “If you can’t sprint then run, if you can’t run then jog, if you can’t jog then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving and get that pedometer working hard (amended version of Martin Luther King Jr).”

The highest number of steps for the challenge went to Sophia Wilson Patel who clocked up a staggering 2,116,500 Steps. Other winners were:

  • Bendigo: A Spelndid Centipede
  • Box Hill: Lab Rats
  • Clayton: Train Rex
  • Caulfield: Viva Italia
  • Parkville: Polyactivity- The Force Awakens
  • Peninsula: Super Squadra
  • Berwick: More than Just a team
  • Alfred:Jean Hailes Research Unit Crisp Smiths
  • Malaysia: J and the Amazing
  • South Africa: #wold class walkers
  • Prato: Ma ndo Vaj

At a lunch to celebrate the end of the event, guest speaker, Dr Richard Chambers, congratulated all participants for taking part in the challenge and highlighted the link between mindfulness and physical activity.

Participants were encouraged to continue their healthy exercise program and keep walking. Participants were encouraged to participate in the Campus Walks being trialled at Clayton and Caulfield. For information on these go to the wellbeing website

Step into summer and keep in shape!PD*26528262

Its holiday time and what a great time to ramp up your daily exercise regime.

Not only will you increase your fitness, but you might also stay off those unwanted and unhealthy kilos

Here are some simple tips to help you along the way:

  • Set up a daily routine and enjoy a regular walk in your local park or around your neighbourhood
  • Form a walking group
  • Grab your family and friends, pack a picnic and the cricket set and pop down to one of the many picturesque parks and gardens around Melbourne and Victoria
  • Arrange family activities that involve exercise like going for a swim, or hike
  • Sign up to a fun activity like dancing or zumba

For a range of activities to keep you moving, click here.

QUIT Program on offer for allquit

On January 1st 2016, Monash University will be smoke-free with smoking no longer permitted on any Victorian campus, including buildings and grounds.

We recognise that giving up smoking is a difficult journey, and that’s why Monash is committed to helping staff and students who need support in their efforts to quit or reduce smoking.

To support smokers who wish to reduce or cease smoking, a range of support services are available through the University Health and Counselling services. Staff and students can also now participate in fully funded QUIT programs by registering their interest at the Smoke-Free Monash website.

For information about the Smoke-Free Monash initiative, visit monash.edu/smokefree

We encourage all staff and students to take this opportunity to move to a healthier lifestyle.

Sunsmart message for the Holidaysslip_slop_slap

This time of year reminds us that with warm weather, outdoor events and beach days bring increased sun exposure.

When UV levels are 3 or above, you need to use adequate sun protection. The SunSmart UV Alert gives a daily schedule for sun protection times – it’s worth checking out as sun protection times are longer than most of us think!

Follow the five SunSmart steps:

  • Slip on sun protective clothing that covers as much of your body as possible
  • Slop on SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen liberally at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours when outdoors
  • Slap on a broad brimmed hat that shades your face, neck and ears
  • Seek shade
  • Slide on sunglasses that meet the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003 (http://www.sunsmart.com.au/about/faqs)
  • Please ensure you take additional care with children when in the sun. Apply their sunscreen regularly and according to instructions provided on the bottle.

We look forward to more warm weather at the start of 2016, so don’t forget when you return to work to continue to follow the SunSmart steps when enjoying a daily walk around campus with colleagues or perhaps joining Monash Sport’s Clayton Campus Walks.

Monash Sport news and offers

9 Reasons to Start Walking Today42885433_xl

The majority of us spend a large part of our day at work, leading largely sedentary lifestyles. One of the simplest and most effective ways to get some additional exercise in is to walk. Recent evidence suggesting that regular brisk walks could be as good for us, or possibly better than jogging.

Although 30 minutes of walking daily is the recommended ideal, you don’t need to fit it in all at once. If you find yourself struggling to set aside 30 minutes a day, you can split the walk into 3 ten minute stints, or a couple of 15-minute journeys.

Here are nine reasons to start walking today:

1. Walking Helps Manage Weight

Walking may seem leisurely but research has shown that it can be effective in reducing and controlling weight especially when combined with a healthy diet. Researchers at the University of Quebec found that women who walked more weighed less and had a smaller percentage of body fat.

2. Strengthens Bones and Joints

Walking is easier on your joints than high-impact activities such as running or aerobics but it is still a form of weight bearing. Weight bearing exercises have long been known to strengthen bones reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis as well as osteoarthritis. Walking just 30 minutes a day a few times a week is enough to increase bone density ~2% compared to non-exercisers.

3. It Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

Walking can improve circulation, ward of heart disease, strengthen the heart, reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. In fact researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that walking was as good as running when it came to your heart health.

4. It’s Good for your Brain

Walking has extensive cognitive benefits, improving memory, academic performance cognitive control and boosting creativity. It also improves circulation and cerebral blood flood which may help slow mental decline as you age. Studies from the University of Pittsburg have shown that seniors who walk at least 6 miles (9.6km) a week have reduced brain shrinkage. The 2014 World Alzheimer’s Report also listed regular exercise is one of the best ways to combat the onset and advancement of the disease.

5. Decrease Your Cancer Risk

Walking may reduce your risk of developing some cancers. Women who walk at least seven hours a week are 14% less likely to develop breast cancer according to research while men treated for prostrate cancer who walk briskly at least three hours a week reduce their chances of recurrence.

6. Prevent or Control Diabetes

Walking can help lower your blood sugar levels, helping to control and prevent diabetes. Several studies have found that as little as fifteen minutes of walking after a meal will improve digestion and even out blood sugar levels. Additionally, even small amounts of weight loss can reduce risk factors, and delay or prevent the onset of the disease.

7. It Can Make You Happier

A study performed by California State University found that the more steps people took throughout the day, the better their moods were due to the production of endorphin’s. It has also been cited as a way to reduce stress levels.

8. Walking Leads to Longer Life

A number of different researchers have found that walking can increase your longevity. The Honolulu heart study found walking just 2 miles (3.2km) a day can cut the risk of death in half, while another study found that those who partake in regular exercise in their fifties and sixties are 3.5% less likely to to die over the next eight years than their non-walking counterparts. If they already have underlying health conditions that figure increases to 4.5%.

9. It Can Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

Researchers have found that women who walk at a brisk pace for exercise have a much lower chance of having a stroke than those who didn’t after a large long term study. The study theorised that the reduced risk of stroke was due to walking’s ability to decrease blood pressure, which is a strong risk factor for stroke.

Following the completion of the 10,000 steps challenge, Monash Sport will be implementing a weekly walking group for all staff members at the Caulfield and Clayton campuses.


Date: Every Tuesday from the December 1, 2015

Time: 1:00 – 1:45pm (approx.)

Where: Meet at the Lemon Scented Lawn


Date: Every Wednesday starting December 2, 2015

Time: 12 – 12:45pm (approx.)

Where: Meet at the Sound Shell

To find out more or register. Click here.

Annual University Closedown Period

Members and customers please be aware that all Monash Sport facilities and services will be closed from Wednesday 23 December 2015 through Sunday 3 January 2016 (inclusive), reopening Monday 4 January, 2016.

This is consistent with the University closure of all other facilities and services on campus, and with the Monash Sport membership terms and conditions.

Please note that all members with an eligible membership must advise us if they wish to place their membership on suspension over this time.

For further information, please speak to one of our friendly staff, or visit our website.

Thank you for your continued support and custom.

Take a Class and Stay in Shape over Summercarmen3

Our new group fitness timetable has now started!

Bookmark it now to make sure you get into all your old favourites, or try out something new. Group fitness is a great way to socialise with friends while getting in shape.

Take a ride in our cycle class, pump some iron in our Body Pump classes or check out our new Barre Pilates class, debuting at Peninsula campus Saturday mornings at 8.30am. Or take a break after work to try out our new 5.30 Zumba class at Clayton.

Our new group fitness timetables can be found here

New and Blue! Tennis Court ReopenedIMG_2489

After nine weeks of refurbishments, the tennis courts at Monash Sport Clayton have been reopened to members and the public.

Just in time for the summer holidays, the previous issues associated with depressions and cracking in the tennis court surfaces have been fixed. The courts have been resurfaced with a new Plexipave system, with court lines also being repainted. This will ultimately contribute to a more enjoyable experience on the tennis courts for students, staff and the Monash community.

All Monash University staff and students are encouraged to try our new refurbished tennis courts with our $2 Happy Hour. Tennis court use is only $2 per hour during 12-2pm Monday to Friday, or those under time restrictions can book half an hour for only $1. This offer is also available at Peninsula as well as Clayton.

We are very excited to deliver resurfaced tennis courts to the Monash University community.

Mystery Shopper Success

As a part of an ongoing commitment to providing high quality service, between April and June, Monash University engaged independent customer service consulting agency CSBA to assess the service levels throughout the University, by mystery shopping a number of University departments, including Monash Sport.

Acting as “Mystery Shoppers”, CSBA assessors made 226 general enquiry calls to multiple departments throughout the University. A total 70 of these calls were made to Monash Sport across the Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula campuses, including the aquatics, health and fitness and venues service desks.

Monash University scored well above the GO8 University sector average in their overall telephone service scores, both in “getting through” and the quality of the services delivered.

Monash Sport received the Universities top Service Delivery score of 95% and in particular were highly accoladed for offering consistent greetings to customers, the warmth, attentiveness and interest of the staff, staff skill in resolving customer enquiries as well as their sound communication skills.

Customer service levels are a continuing focus of Monash Sport, last year approximately 60 staff members undertook a comprehensive customer service training program in a range of online and in person service enhancement workshops. We are proud to see that our service level reflects the emphasis and effort Monash Sport place on customer service.

Staff are presently about to embark on another series of training modules in communicating effectively with customers from various backgrounds and cultures to create positive experiences for students who may experience language and cultural barriers.

Did you know?

We’ve recently hosted the Semester 2 University Exams as well as the Chancellor’s Distinguished Alumni Awards, our facilities make a great multi-purpose venue for any sized event.

We want your feedback!

In order to build the best team, we all need to work together. Please let us know your thoughts on any of our programs, SWAP, Group Fitness, etc via our online feedback system. Let’s kick some goals together!

TeamMONASH news

Recognising the talent of Monash University

TeamMONASH Award Winners1

The 2015 TeamMONASH Awards recognised the outstanding contribution of student athletes and volunteers from the Monash community in sport and community service. In it’s 52nd year, the TeamMONASH Awards honoured over 40 students whose extra curricular achievements showcased the contribution that the university makes to the global community.

Throughout the night, 31 student athletes’ achievements were recognised with Blues Awards. The Blues Awards are the University’s highest sporting awards.

The prestigious Male and Female Athlete of the Year Award, was awarded respectively to Thomas Sinclair and Nneka Okpala.

Nneka receiving her award

Nneka represented Monash University at the World University Games in Gwangju, South Korea, where she placed 8th in the women’s triple jump. She is the current New Zealand Women’s Triple Jump National Record Holder, as well as the reigning Victorian, New Zealand and Australian Athletics Championships Triple Jump Gold Medalist. With her eyes set firmly on the 2016 Rio Olympics, we want to congratulate Nneka on her many achievements this year and wish her all the best during the next 6 months of Olympic qualification.

Tom represented Australia at the World Indoor Hockey Championships held in Germany this year, before returning to represent Monash University at the Southern and Australian University Games where he helped the Men’s Hockey team win Gold at both events. He also received Green and Gold honours at the Australian University Games for the third consecutive year. The Monash Community would like to congratulate Tom on his many successes this year.

Tom Male Athlete of the Year2

The Varsity Team of the Year was awarded to the Men’s Hockey team. The 2015 Men’s Hockey Team defeated Melbourne University at the Annual Varsity Games, before being crowned Champions of both the Southern University Games and the Australian University Games.

The Club of the Year award went to Monash University Boardriders Club for the second consecutive year. With over 500 members, the camps and training sessions held by the club helped the Monash Women’s Surfing team come second at the Australian University Championships this year. The Monash Boardriders Club also participated in the Australian Disabled Surfers Initiative this year, helping people with physical and mental disabilities enjoy getting in the water and surfing their first waves.

Fiona Canny won the Monash University Oaktree Foundation Volunteer Recognition Award. As a recent graduate of Monash University and the Deputy CEO of the Oaktree Foundation, Fiona led the foundations End Poverty Campaign.

The Service to the Community Award was won by the President of the Monash University Outdoors Club, Stefan Smith. Stefan has been a clear catalyst in MUOC’s metamorphosis over the last two years that has seen it improve its services to the Monash Community.DSCN5072

TeamMONASH Director Martin Doulton said of the event, “It’s a great privilege for the University community to recognise the achievements of our student sports stars, performers and volunteers during the TeamMONASH awards night. Each individual makes a great contribution to the success of the University across so many fields of extra curricular activity and celebrates the positive impact that Monash students make to the community in which they live, work, study and play.”

Vice Chancellor’s Elite Student Athlete Welcome Dinner was held to celebrate our university’s

sporting community and its student athletes, past and present. President and Vice Chancellor
Professor Margaret Gardner welcomed the 188 elite athletes registered in the involved in the2015
Elite Athlete Friendly University Program cohort at the inaugural dinner in May.
Monash University, as a foundation member of the Australian Institute of Sport’s ‘Elite Athlete
Friendly University’ program, continues to assist its students in balancing their sporting endeavours
and academic commitments with the full support of the Vice Chancellor.
“Supporting elite athletes is part of our commitment to excellence,” Ms Gardner said, “Few forces
are more powerful for building and strengthening communities than sport.”

The 2015 Chancellor’s Cup Golf Day


Held on the 13th of November at the prestigious Sandhurst Golf Club, the 2015 Chancellor’s Cup Golf Day was one to remember. The occasionally windy but nonetheless lovely day provided great conditions for the competition.

The first year team from Yamaha City of David Jones, Erin Geraghty, Ashley Nugawela and Michael Pettingill set an exceptionally high standard this year. The team clinched the win on their final hole after besting the second placed team and last years winners, Harris HMC, by one shot.

In it’s 18th year, the popular event attracted 63 golfers from throughout the Monash University community.

DSCN4890TeamMONASH Programs Coordinator Simon Dart said the golf day was an outstanding success.

The feedback from participants about the golf day itself as well as the opportunities it provided for networking was fantastic. The event raised funds for Monash University’s Talented Student Support Program and it’s affiliated sporting clubs.

Competitors also enjoyed novelty hole challenges, with Thomas Power Horan winning the Longest Drive on Hole 9 and Tony West on Hole 11. With Peter Mitchell, James Wu and Andrew Hamer taking out respective Nearest to Pin titles on Holes 3,10 and 15. The Straightest Drive on Hole 17 was also achieved by Julian Guy.


Monash finished 3rd overall at the 2015 Australian University Gamessoccer men

Monash University finished 3rd overall with a total medal tally of 5 Gold Medals, 9 Silver Medals and 7 Bronze Medals! Over half of our teams finished with a medal, and 27 of our 40 teams made it to the semi-finals of their sport. These amazing results capped off a fantastic week in the Gold Coast.

Monash University are now the reigning Australian Champions in Men’s Hockey, Men’s Taekwondo, Women’s Taekwondo, Men’s Tennis and Men’s Squash.

A huge thank you and congratulations must go to our team captains, Amanda Fung and Craig Dent. Amanda and Craig represented the 764 strong Monash cohort, speaking with passion and pride at functions and media events throughout the week. It was a pleasure to have Amanda and Craig as the face of Monash for the week.

Monash also had 43 athletes selected to be members of the Green and Gold team at this years AUG. The Green and Gold awards are given to athletes for each sport who are chosen in the all-start team for the competition. The full list of Green and Gold medal recipients is here.
Worth a special mentions are our cheerleaders, who competed at the Australian University Games as well. However, they competed in an individual sport championship that was not counted towards the overall medal tally for AUG. Monash was crowned overall Cheerleading Champions and won this pennant.

Elite Athlete Profile – Daniel Nickels

Daniel Nickels is one of the participants in our Elite Athlete Friendly University Program. Daniel won the gold medal at the recent 2015 Australian University Games in the Men’s Tennis team and has recently won the prestigious and competitive (with over 2000 applicants) CPA Australia 2016 Open Work Experience opportunity.

We’re thrilled to congratulate Daniel on his achievements.

Volunteering at Monash

volunteerAlternately, if you’re looking to volunteer, we also have a great opportunity for staff to volunteer with the St Kilda Football Club. Staff, students an alumni can get involved in the fun of an AFL match day. You can bring a friend of two, and each of you will get a free ticket to each game you volunteer at, some merchandise and the opportunity to get involved in the pre-game activities in and amongst the crowd. For more information or to register your interest, click here. Volunteering is a rich and rewarding experience for Monash University Staff. See our website for more information.

Employee benefits and discounts

Monash staff have access to a great range of employee benefits and discounts including accommodation, travel, travel insurance, airport parking and car hire and plenty more.

Read more information about the range of employee benefits and staff discounts

Monash Clayton Reuse Centre Sale 50% OFF EverythingReuse centre

The Monash Clayton Campus Reuse centre located 738 Blackburn Rd  will be having a 50% sale on Tuesday 8th December from 9-5pm.

All staff and students are welcome to attend there will be hundreds of furniture items ranging from $5 – $50.

Payment via card only and is only a 10 min walk from the Clayton Campus.

Cricket Australia – Group Bookings Now Available

Cricket Australia now offers ticketing for groups at discounted prices*; providing a memorable and personalised day at the cricket. Visit the one stop shop for a great day out! Seating can be arranged for groups of any size and provide adult and child tickets at discounted prices* For further information please contact John Goodson at Cricket Australia: Email: john.goodson@cricket.com.au Phone: 03 9653 9946 or 0428 409 495

Join Medibank medibanksmall

Does your current health fund make it easy for you to understand and make the most of your cover? Do they let you decide how and where to use your extras?

With Medibank Corporate Health Cover, we’ve made it simpler than ever to choose the level of insurance that suits your needs, and have put the power in your hands to use the included extras you want, where you want.

Join Medibank Corporate Hospital and Extras by January 16 and get 1 month free PLUS get an ongoing 7% discount. Call 131 680 or go to www.corporate.medibank.com.au/monshuni

Other discounts available to staff include:

  • Andrew’s Airport Parking – 20% discount for staff, 15% for family
  • Avis car hire – reduced excess and 3rd day of weekend rentals free
  • BUPA Optical – 20% off sunglasses and lenses
  • BMW & Mini Corporate Program – complimentary scheduled servicing for 4 years / 60,000km, use of a BMW during scheduled servicing, corporate pricing, reduced dealer delivery charges
  • Convenient Kitchen home delivery meals
  • Lite n’ Easy – 7 day meal pack discount
  • Travel insurance – special rates for staff

Visit employee benefits and discounts for staff for more information

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