Accessible Floorplans Study

User Study on Accessible Floorplans – Your Feedback is Important!

A team of Monash researchers are looking for people who are colour blind, have low vision, have a motor impairment or dyslexia to use a new indoor floor plan navigation tool.

This study seeks to understand the users’ experience in exploring adaptive floor plans that gets adapted to fit users’ particular vision or reading difficulties.

During the study, questions will be asked to understand your prior experience with floor plans.

You will be introduced to the adaptive floor plan via a website and you will be requested to explore 2 floor plans.

You will be asked perform some general way finding tasks and provide your feedback on the overall user experience.

The user studies will take 30‐45 minutes.

Due to COVID‐19 pandemic, this study will be done through the Zoom video conferencing platform.

Once you contact the researchers, they will send you the Explanatory Statement and the Consent Form in an email to provide you all the details about the project and your involvement.

If you are comfortable  with  your  participation,  reply  to  their email  by  stating  that  you  consent  to participate in this research project, and return the filled consent form either electronically or by mail.

For more information, or to request participation in this study, please contact:

  • Dr. Anuradha Madugalla (
  • Research Fellow, HumaniSE Lab, Faculty of IT, Monash University

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