Net Zero Project

Net Zero Precincts Project – You Are Invited to Participate

Net Zero Precincts: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Decarbonising Cities

  • Do you live, work or study in the Monash area?
  • Are you passionate about sustainability?
  • Are you wondering how the community can have a greater say in creating a net zero future?

If so, then you might consider participating in this innovative research project that aims to help Monash residents, business and government reach net zero emissions.

Deaf participants are Welcome to Participate in the Net Zero Precincts Project

The study aims to ground the grand plans to decarbonise the Monash Clayton campus by 2050 with the everyday experiences of those who live, work and study there.

Often in these types of transition periods and new technologies, the experiences of those who are deaf and blind are left out.

Dr Emma Quilty, research fellow in the Faculty of IT, is based in the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, and would very much like to include perspectives of students who are deaf, blind, or with other disabilities, particularly around how they experience life on campus and how they imagine Net Zero futures.

Participating in an interview with Emma would involve about an hour of your time, with no preparation required on your part.

Join us for a walking interview of the Monash Net Zero Precinct.

  • Please contact: Dr Emma Quilty, to register your interest.

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