Autistic and LGBTIQA+ Resources

New Resources to Support Autistic LGBTIQA+ Young People

I CAN Network are very proud to announce the launch of a valuable new video resource ‘Supporting Autistic LGBTIQA+ Young People’.

Premiering at their AWETISM 2021 Virtual Expo in November 2021, it was developed by Sam Rose as part of a HEY grant from the Youth Affairs Council Victoria and shaped by 70+ youth collaborators from across Australia.

You can view the video below:

What Does the Workshop Cover?

Sam Rose (they/ them) is a published author on supporting Autistic LGBTIQA+ young people and one of our fantastic I CAN Program Facilitators!

In this training video, Sam explores several topics to help youth workers, school staff, families and professionals understand how to support Autistic LGBTIQA+ young people.

Specific topics include:

  • What Autistic LGBTIQA+ young people want you to know.
  • Understanding Autism and neurodiversity.
  • Understanding gender diversity.
  • Navigating pronouns and respectful language.
  • Appreciating and accommodating sensory, social & communication differences.
  • Creating safe and inclusive spaces.
  • Nurturing positive identity.

Additionally, I CAN Network have created tips sheets and recommended resources (3 distinct sets) for Autistic LGBTIQA+ young people, the adults who support them and service providers.

I CAN Online – Austistic LGBTIQA+ Group

Looking to connect with like-minded people?

I CAN Network’s Autistic LGBTIQA+ online mentoring groups available to 13-22 year-olds offer a safe space for participants to connect with peers and mentors with shared experiences.

The groups safely explore topics including Autistic & Queer identity and culture, belonging and social connection, pronouns, gender and sexuality, self-care, sensory needs and emotional regulation.

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