AWETISM 2020 Virtual Expo Update

Join in the Biggest Autistic Youth Event in Australia!

On Friday 20th November, I CAN Network will proudly host their AWETISM 2020 Virtual Expo, the biggest Autistic youth event in Australia and the largest event in I CAN Network history!

This amazing day, which celebrates Autistic students and their passions, is free and open to participants of all ages worldwide.

There will also be valuable presentations for parents & carers, teachers, employers, advocates & the broader community and interactive exhibitions by 20 partner organisations across Australia.

You can choose how you wish to engage – from attending student presentations and panel discussions to visiting online exhibitions and enjoying our keynote speakers.

Prizes for Participants

They also have prizes for guests who participate in their scavenger hunt and leader board!

Anyone who registers has the option of taking part on the actual day and/or enjoying access to all of the Expo content (resources, webinars and presentations) through to 20th December 2020.

Register Today!

To find out more and register for this event, please visit the AWETISM 2020 EXPO web page.

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