Careers Summit 2021

Monash Careers Summit

In July 2021 Career Connect will be holding the annual Monash Careers Summit.

The week will consist of a series of interactive events facilitated from a group of leading professional and personal development thought leaders.

2021 Monash Careers Summit – register now!

This year’s event runs from 5 – 9 July and features a range of bespoke interactive sessions run by key industry professionals. The focus is not on the year level of students, but the stage of career development you find yourselves in; the Summit has something for everyone! 

Meet our stellar lineup of industry professional and personal development thought leaders:

  • Yousef Shadid – Founder of GradShip and the best-selling author of “The GradGate”.
  • Poorva Bhardwaj – direct from the team at Linked In Learning – she can teach you how to stand out!
  • Josh Farr – Founder of Campus Consultancy, deliverer of x2 TEDx talks, and World Cup Judge for ENACTUS
  • Gary Ryan – Founding Director of “Organisations that Matter”

For one week only, the virtual Monash Careers Summit will connect you directly with Industry and Monash Alumni!

This event will be interactive, and immersive; it is aimed at creating an inclusive environment for students as you progress through your journey of understanding employability, self and industry.

Browse and register for Summit events now.

Registrations are now open:


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