Clayton Campus Readdressing

You might have noticed something new about the campus this year.

By January 2015, every building at the Clayton campus will have a new street address. That’s right – no more random building numbers. The new system will be attractive, logical and easy to navigate. We are transforming Clayton into an activated and inviting campus that attracts, enriches and fully engages with the surrounding community.

It’s all part of the campus Masterplan. Central to the Masterplan is a network of wide, tree-lined walkways, which will improve way finding and navigation across campus. We are numbering Monash buildings along the walkways in the same way as houses are numbered along a street. So it’s not just about the buildings – it’s about the connections and walkways between them.

It’s all about getting around campus without getting lost, and being physically part of the Monash community.

Disability Services is now located at 21 Ancora Imparo way.

See the Campus Maps to find out what’s changed!


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