Department of Education – Disability Support Program Evaluation

KPMG has been engaged by the Australian Government Department of Education to conduct an evaluation of the Disability Support Program. The Disability Support Program is one of the Australian Government’s key responses to assisting people with disability and removing barriers that may be preventing access and participation.

The evaluation will use a variety of methods and tools to collect information including this online survey.  The survey asks broad questions of your experience as a student with disability at university and you do not need to have knowledge of the Disability Support Program. The survey is entirely voluntary and please be assured your responses will be confidential.

Interviews (face to face or telephone) will also assist in the evaluation of the program. The final question of the survey asks if you would be willing to participate in a short interview with one of KPMG’s team. Your participation, whilst very much valued is optional. If you would like to be a part of the interviews would you be so kind as to indicate “Yes” and then complete the contact details as KPMG will need a way to contact you. Guidance about how KPMG will store and use your information can be found in KPMG’s privacy statement.

We greatly appreciate your participation in this survey as we understand this is busy part of the year for you.

Follow the link to the online student survey.

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