Final Assessment Workshops

Get Ready for Your Final Assessments with Student Academic Success Workshops

Make sure you are prepared for your end-of-semester assessments by attending one of the SAS online workshops.

Prepare your brain’s pathways for revision success

Train your brain to make the most of the weeks leading up to the exams and study smarter, rather than harder, so that your revision is flexible, purposeful and active.


Beat Procrastination! Conquer time!

Learn how to crush procrastination and create an efficient and effective study and revision schedule.


Effective strategies for sitting a timed assessment

Discover how to anticipate what will be on your exams, how to respond effectively to different question types, and how to manage your time during timed assessments.


Meeting your personal study challenges

Find out all about common challenges faced during the final assessment period, and how to develop tailored strategies for succeeding in your studies.


Need something a little more personalised?

Enrol in our self-paced Moodle site

For access to more resources and workshop materials self-enrol in our Moodle site, Perform at your peak in final assessments.

Get personalised support

Book in with one of our learning advisers for a one-on-one consultation over Zoom to receive personalised language and learning support.


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