Future Students!

The Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) is part of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria and works with and alongside young people who have disabilities. As part of their advocacy work, they aim to make voices heard, as well as shift the way in which disability is viewed and understood in our culture. YDAS provides both individual and systemic advocacy, and has in the past held many events and workshops that address various issues faced young people with a disability.

One of their most recent projects has been to educate young people with disabilities on the support services available if they are thinking about moving out of home.

While we at the DLU will endeavour to keep you informed of future events such as these through the Some of Our Parts blog, we would like to invite all DLU students to browse through the YDAS site, and check out what events are happening throughout the year.

For the meantime, as the start of semester dawns upon us, classes clash and unclash, and sleep-ins become all that more precious, future Monash DLU students should watch ‘Tips for Tertiary’ – a 30 minute video by YDAS (includes closed captions), in which university and TAFE students share their individual experiences in tertiary education. The film covers the advice that current students with a disability would have loved to have had when they began their tertiary journey, as well as insights from professionals in the field of inclusive education and disability.

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