Disability Liaison Unit O Week Open House!

Are you a Monash student with a disability, medical or mental health condition that may impact on your studies?

You are welcome to drop in to the Disability Liaison Unit (DLU) during Orientation Week for a private discussion about the range of services available.

Access keyboard

25 February – 1 March 2013
9 am – 4pm
Building 55, Level 1

28 February 2013
10 am – 3 pm
Building 930, Room G07

25 February – 27 February &
1 March 2013
9 am – 4pm
Building 3N, Room 102

Students based at other campuses are welcome to visit one of the above locations or alternatively contact the DLU to make an appointment or have a discussion with a Disability Liasion Officer.

Phone: 03 9905 5704
Email:  dlu@monash.edu
Website: monash.edu/equity-diversity/disability

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