GraVVITAS – Accessible Graphics for People with Vision Impairment

Here we have another exciting event planned for Diversity and Inclusion Week.

Dr Cagatay Goncu and Professor Kim Marriott demonstrate their new device ‘GraVVITAS’, which works on an iPad, and uses vibration and sounds to guide the visually impaired users around a diagram.

It is designed to enable the user to build a picture of the entire graphic in their mind.

Dr Cagatay Goncu and Professor Kim Marriott, along with Associate Professor John Hurst of the Faculty of Information Technology recently received an Honourable Mention in the 2012 Touch of Genius awards, organised by the National Braille Press (NBP) in the US for their submission of the Graphics Viewer using Vibration, Interactive Touch, Audio and Speech (GraVVITAS).


Dr Cagatay Goncu, Research Fellow, Faculty of Information Technology

Professor Kim Marriott, Faculty of Information Technology

Register here, as places may be limited.

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