Happy International White Cane Day!

What is International White Cane Day?

International White Cane Day is held on 15 October each year to raise awareness of the importance of the white cane and how it can aid mobility and independence for a person with vision loss. This year marks 92 years since the white cane was invented by an Englishman who lost his sight in an accident and painted his black cane white to make it more visible to others.

What is the Watch Out, Cane About campaign?

Watch Out, Cane About is a pedestrian road safety awareness initiative being launched by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT to address worrying numbers of pedestrians with vision loss reporting near misses and collisions with vehicles when trying to cross the road.

To help raise driver awareness, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is launching TV and radio community service announcements and an educational video on Youtube highlighting the following key ‘Dos & Don’ts’ tips for motorists.

To read more, visit the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT website.


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