30 years ago – on 17 May, 1990 – the World Health Organisation (WHO) removed homosexuality from the Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

IDAHOBIT recognises this day, and it’s used to celebrate LGBTIQ people globally, and raise awareness for the work still needed.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education) and Monash LGBTIQ Executive Sponsor, Professor Susan Elliot, says IDAHOBIT is a great expression of the inclusive culture we strive for as a University.

“IDAHOBIT is a day where we publicly state that we stand always with our LGBTIQ colleagues, family, and friends. It’s part of our commitment to ending discrimination,” Professor Elliot says.

“Let’s come together virtually to speak up for those who can’t, share stories and learn from others, and celebrate our diversity. Together, we’ll continue achieving inclusion and equality for all in our community, and contribute to breaking the silence.”

*For more information about the week’s events for students and staff, see Monash’s IDAHOBIT week website.

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