Improving Visually Impaired Students’ Access to Graphics in Higher Education

Are you a student or recent graduate with a vision impairment? Would you like to help improve access to graphical materials in university educational materials?

Graphs, maps, schematics, diagrams, cartoons, non-standard scripts and many other visual representations can be used to convey important information in study materials. A research team from Monash and Deakin Universities is investigating how vision impaired University students access these materials and how the current processes can be improved.

You will be asked to share your experiences and opinions in an interview up to one hour in length at your place of study or via phone in November 2014. Participation is entirely voluntary and confidential, as detailed in the attached explanatory statement.

Responses from the interviews will be used to develop a model for improved provision of accessible graphics which will be promoted throughout Australian Universities. Participants will have the opportunity to register to trial this new model for their 2015 study materials.

To get involved and help make a difference, please contact Leona Holloway at or (03) 9903 2401.


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