Invent Student Internship

Invent Student Internship (ISI) – Apply Now!

ISI is a partnership between Monash Young MedTech Innovators (MYMI), Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) and Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre.

The program is a project-based internship that connects current MIME-funded research projects to high performing undergraduate students from across Monash University who are interested in co-developing a defined technological solution.

Students will have an opportunity to learn and apply the Stanford Biodesign process, including commercialisation, intellectual property, regulatory, and reimbursement strategies. Students will also be able to upskill on technical skills required for their defined research project.

The purpose of ISI is to connect student innovators to projects that exist in the research and development stage and engage them to assist in further R&D, as well as assisting in developing a commercialisation strategy for the project.

Scholarship recipients will be awarded $4,000* and will be required for 8 hours per week working in an assigned laboratory and attendance at approximately 15 upskilling workshops.

The internship runs between Friday 12 July and Monday 18 November.

*internships will be paid as casual salaries and incur standard income tax.

Applications Now Open

  • Applications close Saturday 1 June, 5pm.

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