Social Anxiety Group Semester 2

Social Anxiety Group Program – Semester 2, 2024

Do you experience significant fear or anxiety about social situations?

  • Do you worry about being judged or showing signs of anxiety in social
  • Do you avoid social situations?

If so, you may benefit from participating in our Social Anxiety Group

The program is an exciting opportunity for Monash students to learn ways to address their social anxiety and fully engage in life.

The program involves:

  • Eight 2-hour weekly group sessions (free of charge) at Clayton campus on Wednesdays during Semester 2 at 11am-1pm or 2-4pm, facilitated by
    Dr Sophia Gozzi, Clinical Psychologist
  • Written education materials and tasks between group sessions
  • For further information or to submit an expression of interest, please complete an Expression of Interest form.

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