Mentoring opportunities with Cummins Inc

PACE is the Australian Network on Disability’s (AND) vibrant and dynamic mentoring program developed to mutually benefit employers, and students with disability. This September the Australian Network on Disability is partnering with Cummins Inc, a global power leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of diesel and natural gas engines, to provide Engineering and Finance students with disability the opportunity to be mentored by experienced professionals in their field.

During the program, students will work with their mentors to set career goals, gain valuable advice on how to best promote their capabilities to future employers, and network with leaders in their industry. PACE Mentoring builds confidence and networking skills which are invaluable to students seeking internships, graduate positions and future employment opportunities.

The commitment?

The Spring program is due to kick-off in September and will run through to December. Students will meet with their mentors 6-8 times over the 12 week period, and meetings can be arranged around work and study commitments. Students will be invited to an initial meet and greet in September at the Cummins offices in Scoresby, before commencing on the 12 week program.

How to apply:

Complete the application form (found here) and submit to by 5pm Friday 14 August 2015. You can view frequently asked questions and success stories at the PACE website.

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