Mindful May

Mindful May Events hosted by Counselling and Psychological Services Caulfield

The Counselling and Psychological Services team at Caulfield Campus is running a series of drop-in mindfulness sessions over the next 3 weeks as part of Mindful May.

Mindfulness of eating/Mindfulness of thoughts

  • Date: Tuesday 14 May
  • Time: 12pm- 1pm
  • Venue: K105 Caulfield
  • Description: This session will involve 2 mindful exercises to cultivate present moment awareness of our eating, and our thoughts.
  • No registration required.

Mindfulness of the senses

  • Date: Tuesday 21 May
  • Time: 11am- 11:45am
  • Venue: K105 Caulfield
  • Description: In this session we will explore using our five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell to gently guide our awareness and attention to the present moment.
  • No registration required.

Lunchtime mindful movement (online chair yoga)

  • Date: Tuesday 28 May
  • Time: 1-1:45pm
  • Description: This chair yoga session combines yoga-based movements, breath practices, meditation, self-massage and psychoeducation. It aims to increase body awareness, reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.
  • Registration required via link.

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