Monash Autistic Collective (MAC) Morning Tea Thursday 11 August

The MAC (Monash Autistic Collective) will be holding a morning tea, open to all interested students, at Wholefoods this week to celebrate our achievements this year as well as plan what to do for the rest of the semester and beyond. In particular we will be brainstorming ideas for our part in the ‘YES’ Campaign for the MSA Disabilities Office Referendum.

Thursday 11th September, 11AM-12PM at Wholefoods (upstairs, Campus center, Clayton campus).

This event is open to students on the Autism Spectrum, as well as Non-Autistic students.

If you have any queries please contact James at or Julia at

Hope to see you there!

What is the Monash Autistic Collective (MAC)?

MAC is a student-run group that aims to:

  1. Organise social events that bring together students on the Autism Spectrum and non-Autistic students
  2. Advocate for neurodiverse or Autistic students, and
  3. Raise awareness of the Autism Spectrum to students, staff and members of the Monash community

The MAC is run by students on the Autism Spectrum, but everyone is welcome to come to our events and our meetings.

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