Peer Mentoring Program – Become a mentor!

Disability Support Services is seeking volunteer student mentors as part of our Peer Mentor Program. Successful registered students who are willing to share their knowledge and experience are encouraged to apply. We also welcome applications from mature-age students.

The program matches students with a student mentor who is also registered with Disability Support Services for regular meetings throughout semester. Mentors provide support, encouragement and information to their mentee to assist them successfully navigate university life. This could mean attending university social events together, referral to appropriate Monash services, navigation around campus or simply having a chat over coffee.

Mentors are trained and supported by the Disability Support Services. Participants will receive a Certificate of Appreciation at the end of semester (note: a minimum of 6 mentor/mentee meetings is required to receive a certificate).

Why be a mentor?

Being a mentor can:

  • Enhance your personal and professional development
  • Add skills to your résumé to enhance employability
  • Introduce you to new friends and social activities
  • Increase your networking potential across the University

Peer mentors should:

  • Be available to attend a 1-2 hour training and induction session
  • Be able to meet with your mentee regularly for the duration of the semester (about once a week is recommended)
  • Be able to provide the details of a referee upon request
  • Have knowledge of Monash academic and social life

Please complete the online application form to register your interest in becoming a DSS Peer Mentor.

We will be in touch with further information before the beginning of semester. Participation in the program is obviously dependent upon finding a suitable student for you to be matched with.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Tom Perry on 03 9905 1354 or email

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