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Chris Mikul’s captioning legacy

Chris Mikul was the Project Manager of Media Access Australia since its inception and has been an active advocate for better captioning, audio description (AD) and inclusion for nearly three decades. In his final interview before leaving the organisation, Chris shared some of his high points and talked openly about the challenges and issues that still remain, in order to improve the quality of captions and make AD more available.

5 simple ways you can dramatically improve your blog’s accessibility

Blogging encourages freedom of personal expression so it should be a right for anyone, regardless of disabilities or requirements, to have access to this vast pool of knowledge and community.  But what simple things can you do as a blogger, or a budding blogger, to make sure that your blog is accessible?  There are 5 simple ways that you can dramatically improve your blog’s accessibility.

E3 Gaming conference accessibility announcements

This year at the EA’s E3 Gaming Conference, a number of gaming companies and console producers announced their commitment to accessibility. We provide a roundup of some of the accessibility focuses and advancements in the world of gaming.

Channel 4 seeks viewer feedback about its accessibility services

Channel 4 has created a survey to capture as much feedback as possible from people who view their programming with captions (subtitles in the UK), audio description, signing on TV, or on the station’s on-demand service.

Amazon launches new affordable, more accessible Kindles

Amazon has just launched a new range of Kindle ebook readers, starting at the affordable price of US$79. Best of all, they come with features that allow the Kindle to be accessible for Blind or vision-impaired users

Featured accessibility article

Benefits and ROI of accessible banking

Being able to access your finances and purchase goods and services when we want to is a basic right. This means that when it comes to banking, and paying for goods or services online, it is imperative that the service is accessible and inclusive for all.

Useful resource of the week

Learn WCAG 2.0 from the experts – online in 6 weeks. The PWCA course is Australia’s only university-accredited web accessibility certificate for web professionals. This certification will teach you the essential principles and techniques for achieving accessibility compliance. It will be invaluable for the future and will ensure that your communications and services inclusive for all. Learn more about the Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility (PWCA).

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