Ready to lead by volunteering? Call for volunteers for Share your experiences program

We are looking for volunteers who are registered with Disability Services to assist academic staff in understanding the point of view of students with disabilities so they will be enabled to approach students with greater confidence.

The volunteers will NOT be providing practical advice and assistance on how to handle or solve problems caused by students’ disabilities (e.g. accessibility issues and accommodations). That is the role of Disability Advisers within Monash Disability Services. The focus of this volunteer program is to serve as a ‘port of call’ for staff who want to better understand the perspectives and experiences of students with disabilities to enable them to work more cooperatively and sensitively with a particular student. The role is expected to involve a single conversation with the teaching staff member for any given student: recurring queries about the same student/issue will be referred to Disability Services.

If you are considering volunteering, for this program, it is important that you feel comfortable with declaring your disability. Even though your identity will not be on the public Monash website, it will be on the Monash Intranet which is accessible to all Monash staff.

To fulfill the duties of the role you will need to make yourself available 1-3 hours per week.

Training will be provided by Disability Services to further define the role and answer any questions you may have. It is expected this will take no more than one hour.

The following table sets out the broad areas of disability. If you have personal experience of any of these and are interested in volunteering to help staff to discover how they may implement inclusive practices in their classes, please add complete this form. If you have any questions about the program please contact


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