Thinking about starting a Club?

In response to some enquiries we’d had over here at the DLU regarding clubs and societies on campus, we decided to share with you the process of how you can start your own Monash associated club.

Firstly, you’ll need to see the Development Officer in the Club and Societies Office on Level 1 of the Campus Centre to discuss your options and the formal application process.

Be warned, it can take almost a semester to start up a new club. This includes the time taken for the aims and objectives to be submitted and approved; the club constitution written; 20 names (minimum) of Clayton enrolled Monash students collected on the ‘Expression of Interest’ form; convening the Inaugural Meeting; and new club committee training.

For more information on how to start a club, or to get involved with one of the many existing clubs, see the Monash Clubs and Societies page.

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