I CAN Monash Network Gatherings

Join Monash students James Ong and Chris Varney, both of whom have Autism Spectrum Disorder, for a free lunch where you can learn about the vision for ‘I CAN Monash’ – a network of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who support each other to achieve personal goals.

I CAN Monash is a community of students who share a good laugh about the Autism Spectrum and the interests, talents, quirks and coping strategies that come with it. We exist to ensure that students and staff together create an enabling environment for you to get the most out of uni life!

These upcoming gatherings will provide a way for you to meet like-minded others and just hang out with a cool bunch of people!


Thursday 19 September & Thursday 10 October
12pm – 1pm
Building 6 (Faculty of Education)
Level 1, Room TLS110
Clayton campus

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder


George Bernard Shaw

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