Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2018

Submit Your Nomination for the 2018 Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards

On behalf of Professor Margaret Gardner, President and Vice-Chancellor, we warmly invite nominations for the 2018 Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognise students and staff who have made an outstanding contribution to supporting diversity and fostering inclusion at Monash. This focuses on students and staff who have gone above and beyond to further inclusion, connection and belonging for people from disadvantaged and marginalised groups.

In 2018, there is a total of $15,000 to be awarded (allocations will be determined by the Selection Committee). These awards recognise programs and initiatives that support the ethos of the Focus Monash Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020.

Nominations close Friday 29 June

Nominations should focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Education – Developing teaching practice, curricula and programs that foster inclusion for a diverse range of students
  • Environment – Building and supporting inclusion and diversity at Monash, and positively influencing the learning and/or working environment
  • Community – Engaging with the wider community to encourage participation by disadvantaged and marginalised groups

Visit the website for more information and instructions on the nomination process. You can also read about the 2017 award winners here.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards take place during Diversity and Inclusion Week (August 27 – 31). More details will follow, but for now please save these dates in your calendar.

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