VR Research Study

Try Out VR for Research Study

  • Do you identify has having a disability?
  • Would you like to try out VR (Virtual Reality)?

You can try VR at home for two weeks with a new study being conducted about the immediate and long-term issues, challenges, and opportunities for disabled users in VR, and how VR developers and platforms can ensure an inclusive and equitable digital future.

Researchers from the University of Sydney are seeking people with a disability who have no (or limited) experience with Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality technologies to use VR and/or AR and report back on their experience.

You will be provided a VR device for two weeks to try at home.

  • Please contact Research Fellow Kate Clark if you would like to participate in this study at: kate.clark@sydney.edu.au.

A detailed participant information statement will be emailed to you upon your inquiry.

  • This study has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of The University of Sydney [2023/352]

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