Welcome back to 2014!

It’s been a long time between drinks, and we hope you all had a brilliant holiday break soaking up the sun, globe-trotting,  spending some time with your friends or whatever it is you got up to.

If you are a newly registered DLU student or thinking about registering with us, this is our blog, where we bring you news and events from around the internet that might be of interest to our students. Here you’ll also find specifically related DLU news, which may be relevant to you.

While enrolments are only slowly beginning, and you’re probably only just starting to think a little bit about the semester that lies ahead, the Some of Our Parts blog is starting to get on track with 2014.

That’s all we’ve got for now, just drop in again soon – and don’t forget to keep in touch! We love when our students submit stories and events.


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