With You With Me

WithYouWithMe Project Possible Neurodiversity Programme

WithYouWithMe is a 200 FTE Australian tech company founded by 70% combat veterans.

They are currently hiring over 100 additional roles, and as many of them are already disabled they are passionate about helping disadvantaged groups gain work.

WithYouWithMe doesn’t use CV’s when they recruit, instead they apply a 90 minute military grade cognitive aptitude test to highlight individual strengths and use that data to make hiring decisions, which was developed with professors from the University of Sydney.

WithYouWithMe has already helped over 1,250 veterans transition from the military into high paying meaningful tech jobs with no previous IT skills or experience, and now with Project Possible they are investing $5 million AUD as a social impact program we are running to deliver free training to 1,000 neurodiverse Australians.

There is also the possibility of direct employment with WithYouWithMe or their partner companies, such as Accenture, Microsoft, Splunk, and the government itself through our partnership with the “Senate Select committee on Autism” (the APS has 152k workers 4% of which are disabled, a new quota of 7% disabled workers has been announced which means roughly 5k new jobs in the APS, and WithYouWithMe will be working closely with the APS commissioner and the government advocating for their candidates to be selected for employment opportunities).

A Social Impact Business

WithYouWithMe is a social impact business, and one of their core goals is to solve underemployment.

They want to begin with this neurodiversity programme as there is a significant wave of support already, and would like your help to spread the word and encourage neurodiverse participants to sign up.

They are a national business and can support flexible work including working from home if required.

Below is the signup link:


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