Wellbeing @ Monash and Monash Sport newsletter – January 2017

This group program for staff consists of six one-hour sessions and is designed to help you reduce stress, improve wellbeing and resilience, and increase workplace performance using mindfulness. It is an experiential program consisting of weekly practices, cognitive strategies and reflective activities designed to enhance both the professional and personal life of staff.
***Participants must be able to commit to all six weekly sessions***
Tuesdays 12 – 1pm
Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21, 28 and Mar 7

Browse the Timeout newsletter for information on what’s new in Wellbeing at Monash. Read about the latest Wellbeing and Monash Sport events, services and activities. For information about latest events, special offers, discounts, and news, subscribe to the newsletter by emailing wellbeing@monash.edu In the January edition:

What are you drinking this Summer?water1

Hydration. Now that the warmer weather has arrived it’s a good idea to increase your fluid intake to keep your body hydrated, particularly if you’re exercising in the heat.  Apart from the obvious signs of dry mouth and thirst, dehydration can lead to light headedness, lack of concentration, headaches and constipation.  If you’re exercising, dehydration has a negative effect on your physical performance and makes your workout feel much less enjoyable.

What to drink? Water, water, water.  Any type – plain water, carbonated water, water in a drink bottle, water from a water fountain or water from the vending machine.  Unless you’re an elite endurance athlete, you’re unlikely to need a sports drink with the added carbohydrate and electrolytes.  A 600ml Powerade or Gatorade has around 35g of sugar in it.  That’s 7 teaspoons or 12.8kg per year if you had one every day – yikes!  Flavoured mineral waters, iced teas, vitamin waters, smart waters and the like, all have loads of added sugar as well.

The Rethink Sugary Drink campaign has some excellent resources if you’re interested in finding out how much sugar is in lots of popular drinks.

How much do you need to drink? This depends on you and your body but aim to drink enough water to keep your urine looking like it has a pale yellow tint to it.   Urine that’s dark yellow indicates you’re not drinking enough and your body is dehydrated.

So here’s cheers to Summer!

Get 2017 off to a great start and “SWAP” into one of our many activitiesSWAP Image no year

Want to make a difference to your health in 2017? Why not get the year off to a good start by getting a few of your colleagues together and registering for one of the many wellbeing activities available.

We had a great year with our SWAP classes last year and to ensure we meet the increased demand to the programs, we now have many fitness class like boxing, learn to swim, Tai Chi, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) pilates, yoga and zumba at various campuses. All classes, costs and locations can be found here

With 30, 45, or 60 minute fitness classes priced from just  $10.00 or 11.00 per person, why not organise a fitness class at a time and venue that suits you and your department by completing the form on our website

Be SunSmart this Summer!Slip slop slap

The Sunsmart team from the Cancer Council will be coming to the Clayton campus to present a one hour information session on the following areas:

  • skin cancer and UV radiation
  • practical solutions to reducing UV risks
  • UV protection and early detection of skin cancer

We usually think of sunburn as something that happens at the beach. But did you know more of us get sunburnt during day-to-day activities like hanging the washing, weekend BBQs or heading outside to grab lunch?  We might not think of these everyday moments as times we need sun protection, but this “incidental” UV damage also contributes to our risk of cancer. The session will also provide attendees with the opportunity to view their face or their hand under the skin damage viewer. The skin damage viewer will highlight hidden skin damage from sun exposure. (Note: The device does not detect or diagnose cancer or perform any kind of skin check). Details of the session are as follows:

  • Date: Wednesday 1st of February
  • Time:12:00-1:00pm
  • Venue: Room H2, 20 Chancellors Walk Clayton

Click here to register to attend the session. (Booking sheets to participate in the skin damage viewer will be available on the day.)

Monash University is Smoke Free, so Quit for Free15P-1141-T2---Smoke-free-Monash-2016-Phase-2-powerpoint-final

A reminder for 2017 that Monash University is smoke-free with smoking no longer permitted in buildings, grounds, vehicles on campus.  Those wishing to smoke will be required to leave the boundaries of our campuses.  For Clayton campus, these boundaries are Wellington Road, Normanby Road, Blackburn Road and Boundary Road.  We also ask that smokers be respectful of our residential neighbours and keep in mind that they not smoke directly outside homes.  Anyone seen smoking on campus will be asked to leave the campus to smoke and disciplinary processes will apply to staff who re-offend. To support our staff and students, Monash is offering fully funded Fresh Start QUIT programs at all campuses,.  The Fresh Start QUIT programs run over four weeks, twice a week for one-hour. The Fresh Start program helps to boost confidence, as well as providing resources, strategies and information to staff about how to become, and remain, a non-smoker. To register for a program, please complete the form

Host an ‘Afternoon Teal’ Party in February and Raise Money for Ovarian CancerAT

Why not bake your favourite cake, brew a pot of tea and host an ‘Afternoon Teal’ party to raise funds for a great cause! February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, aimed at raising awareness of the symptoms, risks and impacts of ovarian cancer. Your ‘Afternoon Teal’ party will be one of many aimed at raising $500,000 to support work in ovarian cancer awareness, advocacy and research. To register and plan your ‘Afternoon Teal’ click here.

World Cancer Day- 4th of February

World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer.  It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action. Why World Cancer Day is important

  • Currently, 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which, 4 million people die prematurely (aged 30 to 69 years)
  • World Cancer Day is the ideal opportunity to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds and in the world’s media

Show your support this February 4th and see how you can get involved this year

Healthy Weight Week (13th-19th of February)getyourhealthyonversion3b

February 13th is the first day of Healthy Weight Week.  Being a healthy weight helps you to feel your best, and it’s never too late to start! February is the perfect time to kick-start healthy eating habits, starting with polishing your cooking skills. Don an apron and download your free copy of the Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) cookbook and enter our #cookingchallenge during AHWW. It’s all about making healthy food tasty, fast and affordable! Check out new, healthy and exciting recipes from their cookbook

Healthy Fruit Boxes for your office and meetings

At Monash we encouragFruitAddicts fruit boxe staff to make the healthy choice when providing food for staff meetings and events. Why not try a delicious box of fruit at your next meeting and event or replace the existing biscuits in your staff room, with fruit. All new customers will enjoy 50% off their first month’s fruit delivery!

With free delivery to Monash campuses and 10% discount off the following prices, this is a great healthy alternative.

  • Box of 30 fruit pieces $28
  • Box of 45 fruit pieces $38
  • Box of 60 fruit pieces $48
  • Box of 90 fruit pieces $68

To order contact Steve at FruitAddicts or phone 1300 438 378 and quote ‘Monash Wellbeing’. Payment can be made via cheque, credit card or monthly invoicing.

Commuting your way to health in 2017Sustainable Transport_V3

How do you travel to uni? Do you take the bus or the train? Perhaps you bike or walk. Whatever the case, your choice of transport could make a real difference to your health. According to a recent Melbourne study, your health is affected not just by how you commute, but from where. People who used public transport, or drove to the station or bus, they got about half an hour a day incidental exercise, whilst people who walked to the station or the bus, train, or tram, got about 41 minutes a day. Walkers and cyclists, averaged about 38 minutes a day. So next time you’re thinking about hopping in your car to get to work, why not walk, ride or take public transport and commute your way to a healthier lifestyle!  See our sustainable transport page for ideas.

Donate your old eye glasses to someone who needs themrotary eye glasses

Do you have old eye glasses sitting in your desk draw? Well why not donate them to someone who needs them? Wellbeing@Monash is now collecting used eye glasses for the Lions Recycle For Sight Program. Send your unwanted eye glasses via internal mail to Wellbeing@Monash – OHS, 1st Floor, 30 Research Way, Clayton

Want to become a Wellbeing Champion for your Faculty or Department?

Have a strong commitment to health and wellbeing and want to be an advocate for your area? Then why not nominate yourself as a Wellbeing Champion! Wellbeing champions have a key role to play in actively contributing to the Wellbeing at Monash Program, whilst also promoting the program and the many benefits of participation. This a voluntary role which provides you with the opportunity to have input into wellbeing programs and services offered to staff. Meetings of the Wellbeing Champions Forum, will be commencing shortly. These forums will provide an opportunity for cross university collaboration, networking and engagement. If you believe you’re suitable for this role, more details can be found here.

mental health relaxingMindfulness for wellbeing, resilience and performance

Mindfulness Stress Reduction This group program for staff consists of six one-hour sessions and is designed to help you reduce stress, improve wellbeing and resilience, and increase workplace performance using mindfulness. It is an experiential program consisting of weekly practices, cognitive strategies and reflective activities designed to enhance both the professional and personal life of staff.

Dates: Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21, 28 and Mar 7 at 12-1pm

Register for the program to secure your position

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance- Starting 6th February (Free online course) Tired, distracted and stressed by the pace of modern life? Mindfulness might be the solution. Mindfulness is essentially about being more aware and awake in every moment of your life. It is about intentionally paying attention to each moment, being fully engaged in whatever is happening around and within you, with an attitude of friendliness and compassion. Join the six week online course today ESSENCE of Health The ESSENCE of Health six-week program aims to enhance wellbeing and sustainable performance and prevent and manage chronic illness. It’s a comprehensive lifestyle program underpinned by strategies such as mindfulness, enhancing motivation, goal setting and behaviour change. You’ll develop practical skills to apply the model to your personal and professional life. ESSENCE is an acronym for:

  • Education
  • Stress management
  • Spirituality
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Connectedness
  • Environment

Program session dates: Fridays 10:00 – 11:00am

April 7, 21, 28, May 5, 19 & 26 (not May 12)

Register for the program to secure your position

Monash Sport News, Events and Offers

New fitness equipment for the new year!

FruitAddicts fruit box

Over the holiday break, we have installed brand new and state of the art cardio equipment in all our Fitness Centres. Find out more about our new cardio gear’s features, including Wi-fi connectivity, here.

Clayton campus refurbishments

FruitAddicts fruit box

A number of refurbishments are currently underway at the Monash Sport Clayton facilities, with the Group Fitness Studio, cafe area and service desk all undertaking significant enhancements.

It is important for members and customers to know the service desk has moved temporarily during these works, and can be found up the stairs next to the Scenic Boulevard entrance.

Find out more about the Group Fitness Studio refurbishments and artist images here, and the new cafe tenant Sumo Salad here.

Be the hot shot in your office

FruitAddicts fruit box

With a lot of tennis happening in Melbourne this month, there’s no better time than now to try out our newly refurbished tennis courts! Try our Tennis Happy Hour: Hire a court for only $2 an hour, 12-2pm Monday – Friday. See here for more details.

Healthy eating!

FruitAddicts fruit box

Check out this simple four step recipe that’s also good for you here.

Monash Sport Activewear!

FruitAddicts fruit box

We have new merchandise on sale now!Singlets, t-shirts, shorts, gym bags, towels, drink bottles and hoodies are all available from the Monash Sport Clayton Service Desk. Members can have a 10% discount on all apparel items, make sure you don’t miss out! – Singlets $25 – T-Shirts $25 – Shorts $35 – Gym Bags $30 – Towels $10 – Drink Bottles $14 – Hoodies $55


Goolagong National Training Camp 2017

FruitAddicts fruit box

Earlier this year Monash University’s Clayton campus was delighted to once again host the Goolagong National Training Camp, as incredibly talented tennis players used our facilities under the tutelage of tennis great Evonne Goolagong. Read more.

Chinese Taipei National University Women’s Basketball Camp

FruitAddicts fruit box

For the past week and a half Monash University proudly hosted the Chinese Taipei National University Women’s Basketball Camp on its Clayton Campus. The camp consisted of a rigorous training program in addition to playing against local association clubs, including the Monash University All-Stars team. Find out more here.

Volunteer with TeamMONASH!

The TeamMONASH Support Crew is a group of volunteers who assist in ensuring that our events and programs run smoothly. It’s a great way to get involved, develop skills, make new friends, and have lots of fun. Volunteer roles include event admin and logistics, being a member of the TeamMONASH cheer squad and much more. All valued members of our support crew receive training, an official TeamMONASH Support Crew T-shirt, a certificate and an opportunity to develop skills. Find out more here.

Get involved in Inter – University Sport!

Inter university sport gives you the chance to represent Monash against other universities. Join TeamMONASH as you pull on the Monash blue at a huge range of events including the Australian University Games, Southern University Games, Uni Battle, Indigenous Games and Australian University Championships. All inter university sport competition is sanctioned by Australian University Sport (AUS), the peak governing body of university sport in Australia and currently has 41 members, representing more than one million students. Find out more here. See our website for more information.

Employee benefits and discounts

Monash staff have access to a great range of employee benefits and discounts including accommodation, travel, travel insurance, airport parking and car hire and plenty more. Read more information in the range of employee benefits and staff discounts

Join Medibank !

Better health made simple with Medibank Monash University has partnered with Medibank, Australia’s largest health insurance provider. Medibank has designed a corporate cover that makes it simpler to use your extras to stay healthy. Benefits include: medibanksmall

  • An ongoing 7% discount*
  • Use your extras how you want
  • Claim at any recognised provider
  • Mix ‘n’ match different hospital and extras covers to suit your needs
  • 100% back on optical up to your annual limits

Call 131 680, ask in store or corporate.medibank.com.au/monashuni Note: Waiting periods apply including 12 months for pre-existing conditions. * Discount applies to the premium of your selected cover, and will only apply where your employer has this arrangement with Medibank.

Join BUPA and enjoy the benefits


Bupa provides staff access to the Monash Corporate Health Insurance Plan, with:

  • A suite of health cover options not available to the general public
  • Competitive premiums
  • No GAP optical packages
    • No GAP physio and dental for kids
    • Switching from another fund is easy
  • A single room or your money back # conditions apply
  • Your premiums paid through direct debit/credit card*

For pricing and detailed information: Visit the BUPA Corporate webpage:

  • Username: monashunibupa
  • Password: healthplan

Or see Cover for Corporate (pdf 3Mb), for more information about benefits see the Corporate Benefits Guide (pdf 388kb).

Nutrition & Dietetic Services at Monash University through the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food – Nottinghill

Private individual nutrition consultations are now available with an experienced and qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian at highly discounted rates for staff, friends and family of Monash University.

Appointment costs:

  • Staff new client $50 (1 hour) with $25 for review (30 min)
  • Concession (student or pensioner) new client $20 (1 hour) with $10 for review (30 min)
  • Body composition analysis (Height, weight, bio-electrical impedance analysis on SECA) $15

Appointments are available every Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm, with the exception of the first Thursday of each month, which is from 3pm-6pm commencing 1st week of March 2017. The Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food also offers specialist Sports Nutrition and body composition assessment (by DXA) please contact nutrition.dietetics@monash.edu for more details.

Join the Travel club


Travel Club is a private leisure club which gives you access to amazing holiday deals and discounts to destinations all over the world. Backed by the global Flight Centre Travel Group, Travel Club offers Monash University staff access to the best deals together with a dedicated, highly experienced consultant.As a member of Travel Club you will have access to specially negotiated holidays, products and services tailor-made for you. And, as a bonus, all Monash University staff who register will receive a $50 gift voucher upfront, and one every year after that, to put toward their next holiday*. With Travel Club’s “Price Promise” you can be sure you’re getting the very best price, Travel club will beat any available quote you find*, that’s how committed they are to ensuring you have the best value experience every time you travel. So register today and start planning your next trip. *Terms and Conditions apply.

10% off Rydges, Art Series and QT Hotels & Resorts

Enter the Monash Corporate ID at 40 Rydges, Art Series and QT Hotels & Resorts in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and receive:

  • 10% off all your accommodation bookings
  • Best rates online guaranteed

To start saving:

  1. Visit any of the hotel websites and select your preferred location and stay dates
  2. Enter the Monash Corporate ID: PC102298 in the text box and save 10% off the best rates

Travelling soon? Discounted Virgin and Qantas lounge access

Sign up for a discounted airport lounge membership Virgin and enjoy the benefits! Virgin Australia lounge corporate memberships offer a special price of $200 per year with a $100 joining fee. Visit Airport Lounge discounts for more information.

Other discounts available to staff

  • Andrew’s Airport Parking – 20% discount for staff, 15% for family
  • Avis car hire – reduced excess and 3rd day of weekend rentals free
  • BUPA Optical – 20% off sunglasses and lenses
  • BMW & Mini Corporate Program – complimentary scheduled servicing for 4 years / 60,000km, use of a BMW during scheduled servicing, corporate pricing, reduced dealer delivery charges
  • Lite n’ Easy – 7 day meal pack discount
  • Monash Commuter Club, 10% discount on Myki
  • Travel insurance – special rates for staff

Visit employee benefits and discounts for staff for more information

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