Wellbeing @ Monash and Monash Sport newsletter – February 2017

This group program for staff consists of six one-hour sessions and is designed to help you reduce stress, improve wellbeing and resilience, and increase workplace performance using mindfulness. It is an experiential program consisting of weekly practices, cognitive strategies and reflective activities designed to enhance both the professional and personal life of staff.
***Participants must be able to commit to all six weekly sessions***
Tuesdays 12 – 1pm
Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21, 28 and Mar 7

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In the February edition:

Sign up today for the Global Walk/Run on your campus!global-promo-image

The bi-annual Monash Global Walk/Run kicks off early this year on the 30th of March

All staff and students are invited to get their walking shoes on and take part in the event to be held across all Monash campuses and sites.  The event will commence at 12.15pm with a walk or run and will conclude with a Health Smart lunch.  Participants at each campus will also go in the draw to win some great prizes.

Delivered in conjunction with Wellbeing at Monash, Monash Sport and Team Monash, the event aims to raise an awareness of preventing violence against women and the work done by the White Ribbon Foundation. Participants are encouraged to make a gold coin donation at the lunch.

So, why not take a step toward better health and be part of the global Monash community.

For more information and to register visit our website

New free online course, Food as Medicine, by the Department Of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food

Interested in learning more about food, nutrition and wellbeing?Food is Medicine

Professor Helen Truby and her team in the department of Nutrition and Dietetics here at Monash University have developed a free online course helping to address the question- can we use food as medicine?

Food has traditionally been used as medicine and this course looks to explore its current role in health and disease and how foods have been used as medicine in the past; take a closer look at nutrition science and how it guides us on what and how much to eat for health; and how to apply evidenced-based nutrition knowledge to guide food choices.

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in food, nutrition and health and does not require previous knowledge or experience in science or health studies.

This course would also be of interest to medical and healthcare professionals looking to upskill their knowledge in food and nutrition, and see what the current evidence is for using foods to improve health.

Food as Medicine starts on Monday 13 March 2017

Register today!

To learn more about this course visit this website

What healthy choices are available on your campus?

Monash has a vibrant food scene with many different retail food choices available ranging from coffee shops, fast food outlets, university-run food outlets, sandwich shops to noodle and sushi shops …..and the list goes on.

However, a survey of over 6,000 staff and students in 2015 identified that people wanted to see more healthy food choices available on campus.

With that in mind, we have been working with retailers to identify and promote the healthy food choices currently available whilst also encouraging our retailers to offer an increased variety of healthy choices.  We have used the traffic light classification to identify foods according to Green (best choice), Amber (eat moderately) and Red (limit).

What we found:

Our review identified that although healthy choices are available on campus, they are often overtaken by greater availability of less healthy foods.  Sugary drinks make up the majority of drinks on display, with large drink fridges often dominating our cafés and food spaces.

For those looking for healthier choices, we identified a number of retailers who focus on providing a variety of healthy choices.  Wholefoods, Super Natural, Sushi Sushi, Noodle Noodle, Guzman y Gomez, Koji Sushi, Standing Room and Sumo Salad all offer over 35% Green foods.

What’s next:

Throughout 2017 we’ll be identifying and promoting the Green food choices at our campus retailers so customers can quickly and easily identify a healthy choice.  Together with promotion of the traffic light system of classification, we will have a campus-wide, easy to understand way of making a healthy choice.  We’ll also be utilising our Monash Master of Dietetics students to conduct a detailed economic evaluation of the healthy choices available on campus to determine if there is any economic disincentive to making healthy choices.  Stay tuned…

This March grab your friends and  join the H30 Challenge!h30

What is the H30 Challenge all about?
Its about drinking more water and feeling better for it – a small change in return for big health benefits. We know that switching to water, even for a short time, can lower your health risks and kick start weight loss. You can find out how much money you’ll save and reward yourself. The aim of the Challenge is to build better habits, with water becoming the drink of choice over time.
The rules are simple: switch from sugary drinks to water for 30 days and reap the rewards. It’s not a fad diet and it costs nothing to take part. All you have to do is commit to switching sugary drinks for water for 30 Days and we’ll help with the rest. Sign up today and reap the rewards!

Join in the Fun – Ride to Work, Wednesday 15th of MarchRide to work

To celebrate national ‘Ride to School’ day Monash will be having its own ‘Ride to Monash’ celebration.  Cycling is a great way to get active and avoid the stresses of driving to Uni.  You can sign up for the events we’re running at the Clayton and Caulfield campuses using the links below

Clayton: 8-10am at the Bike Arrival Station

Caulfield: 8-10am at the Multilevel Bike Cage

Drop in on your way to Uni with your bike or helmet for light breakfast of muffins, yoghurt and fruit.  We are also giving away some free gifts to encourage you to keep riding.  You can say hello to other cyclists and talk about all of the benefits of cycling.  We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday the 15th of March!

How many hours do you work?


A new study has found that People shouldn’t be working any more than 39 hours a week if they want to protect their wellbeing. How many hours do you work?

The greater amount of hours you work there is a greater risk of developing mental health issues

To find out more about the research, click here

Join BUPArgb

Not sure what is going to happen on April 1st with the price increase to Private Health Insurance?  The BUPA Team will be coming to the Clayton and Caulfield campus for some one on one consultations on March 27th and 28th.   Details to register for the consultations will be available in the next edition.

Support the Cancer Council and join the March Charge!

march charge

The March Charge is a fun personal fitness challenge that has an enormous impact on how cancer is researched and treated. Just by walking or running for Cancer Council this March, and by raising funds, you can help us Charge ahead with cancer research, prevention, advocacy and support services.

You can choose to go solo or get your friends/family/colleagues together and do it as a team – it’s up to you!

Charge anywhere/anytime you like! Charge in the morning with your family or walk with your colleagues at lunch – it’s your Charge and your choice

Sign up today and you can help support the Cancer Council

Influenza vaccinations


Flu is just around the corner! Commonly known as ‘the flu’, influenza is a highly contagious disease that can be serious, debilitating and affect the whole body.

This year’s Quadrivalent vaccine provides protection from 4 strains of influenza virus and will be available to staff in mid/late April.

Watch out for more information over the next month concerning details of the program.

Listen and act – Protecting your hearing at work and at play.

Hearing loss is not something we think about when were young and associate with noisy work, but protecting our hearing both at home and at work should be something we should consider at any age.  Monash University have a

robust hearing protection process for those areas where hearing protection is required and potentially exposed to Occupational Noise.  More than a third of hearing loss is caused by loud noise which damages the sensitive structures in the inner ear.  Hearing can be lost over time and can sometimes go unnoticed so look at your practices both at home and at work.Protect you hearing

Here are some things to consider as well as some top tips:

  • Talk to your occupational health and safety officer or OHS consultant, about making your workplace quieter or if you have any questions about hearing health at work
  • Be aware that it is not just noise that can damage hearing, some solvents or toxins and certain medications can increase your risk of hearing loss.
  • Wear earplugs at very noisy places such as nightclubs, concerts, car racing.
  • Consider time spent in very noisy places, and give your hearing a rest with regular breaks in quieter areas.
  • Personal music devices with headphones and earbuds should be played at a moderate volume and not at a level to drown out external noise.
  • Be aware that hobbies and interests can contribute to hearing loss too. Very intense sounds such as gunshots can cause immediate and permanent hearing loss.
  • If you are a musician, take advantage of special ear plugs which protect your hearing while preserving sound quality.

So how do we know if it is too loud?

Usually our perception of noise is pretty accurate, if it feels too loud it may well be.

Noise levels may be too high if you:

  • Have to shout to be heard by someone less than a metre away.
  • Are listening to your music through headphones/earbuds and can’t hear traffic sounds or people talking nearby.

Remember, loud sound does not have to be physically painful to damage your hearing.

Mindfulness for wellbeing, resilience and performance

Mental Health First Aidmental health first aid

If you completed MHFA training before July 2015 it’s time to do it again.  This 2 day training course is now an accredited program that last for 3 years and is internationally recognised.  It’s a must have for those who supervise others, work with students or have friends or family with a mental illness.

Participants learn about the signs and symptoms of the common mental health problems, how to provide initial help, where and how to get professional help, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.

Next training session is Thursday 23 & Thursday 30 March at Clayton campus

Register here if you would like to join

safeTALK, suicide awareness training

Most people with thoughts of suicide don’t truly want to die, but are struggling with the pain in their lives. Through their words and actions, they invite help to stay alive. This half day workshop teaches participants to recognise these invitations and take action by connecting them with life-saving mental health support.

Next training sessions are Friday 7 April (Clayton) and Tuesday 2 May (Caulfield)

Register for the course here

Mindfulness Programs

mental health relaxing

Learn how to reduce stress, be kind to yourself and improve your performance.  Mindfulness involves learning to pay attention to the present moment rather than worrying or dwelling in the past.  For more information about these course please click on the link

Introduction to Mindfulness– 21st of March at Clayton (1hr session)

Mindful stress reduction – starting Wed 24 March at Clayton (6 weeks)

Essence of Health – starting Friday 7 April at Clayton (6 weeks)

Mindful Relationships – starting at Wednesday 24 May at Caulfield (5 weeks)

Monash Sport News, Events and Offers

New refurbished group fitness room at Clayton!

sport image

Monash Sport is pleased to announce that the Clayton group fitness studio will reopen on Friday 3 March, after undergoing a significant refurbishment that has transformed the room into a fantastic, modern and fit for purpose space.

See more here.

Monash AFL tipping competition

AFL is important to many Australians, and for the third year running, Monash Sport will continue its University-wide tipping competition, which will allow students and staff to tip against each other. Great prizes, including a 50 inch full HD TV are on offer!

More info, and enter online today!

FootyFest kicks off Semester 1

A celebration of all things football, we’ll be at Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula campuses with plenty of footy themed activities and prizes to encourage participation in our winter themed sports at Monash.

Everyone is welcome, events will be held on 7, 8 and 9 March, more details online.

SummerFest hits Monash Sport

dive in movie

Cool off in the pool during Monash’s SummerFest! Monash Sport will be hosting a dive in movie, bring your floaties and kick back and enjoy a summer themed movie in the pool!

More info here.

Monash Sport Activewear!

FruitAddicts fruit box

We have new merchandise on sale now!Singlets, t-shirts, shorts, gym bags, towels, drink bottles and hoodies are all available from the Monash Sport Clayton Service Desk. Members can have a 10% discount on all apparel items, make sure you don’t miss out!


Monash students forging a path in new AFL Women’s competition


Monash University will be well represented in the inaugural AFL Women’s league with six current students or alumni playing in the new competition. The competition represents the first opportunity for women to play the sport of Australian Rules Football professionally. Read more.

Volunteer with TeamMONASH!

The TeamMONASH Support Crew is a group of volunteers who assist in ensuring that our events and programs run smoothly. It’s a great way to get involved, develop skills, make new friends, and have lots of fun. Volunteer roles include event admin and logistics, being a member of the TeamMONASH cheer squad and much more. All valued members of our support crew receive training, an official TeamMONASH Support Crew T-shirt, a certificate and an opportunity to develop skills. Find out more here.

Get involved in Inter – University Sport!

Inter university sport gives you the chance to represent Monash against other universities. Join TeamMONASH as you pull on the Monash blue at a huge range of events including the Australian University Games, Southern University Games, Uni Battle, Indigenous Games and Australian University Championships. All inter university sport competition is sanctioned by Australian University Sport (AUS), the peak governing body of university sport in Australia and currently has 41 members, representing more than one million students. Find out more here. See our website for more information.

Employee benefits and discounts

Monash staff have access to a great range of employee benefits and discounts including accommodation, travel, travel insurance, airport parking and car hire and plenty more. Read more information in the range of employee benefits and staff discounts

Join Medibank !

Better health made simple with Medibank Monash University has partnered with Medibank, Australia’s largest health insurance provider. Medibank has designed a corporate cover that makes it simpler to use your extras to stay healthy. Benefits include: medibanksmall

  • An ongoing 7% discount*
  • Use your extras how you want
  • Claim at any recognised provider
  • Mix ‘n’ match different hospital and extras covers to suit your needs
  • 100% back on optical up to your annual limits

Call 131 680, ask in store or corporate.medibank.com.au/monashuni Note: Waiting periods apply including 12 months for pre-existing conditions. * Discount applies to the premium of your selected cover, and will only apply where your employer has this arrangement with Medibank.

Join BUPA and enjoy the benefits


Bupa provides staff access to the Monash Corporate Health Insurance Plan, with:

  • A suite of health cover options not available to the general public
  • Competitive premiums
  • No GAP optical packages
    • No GAP physio and dental for kids
    • Switching from another fund is easy
  • A single room or your money back # conditions apply
  • Your premiums paid through direct debit/credit card*

For pricing and detailed information: Visit the BUPA Corporate webpage:

  • Username: monashunibupa
  • Password: healthplan

Or see Cover for Corporate (pdf 3Mb), for more information about benefits see the Corporate Benefits Guide (pdf 388kb).

Nutrition & Dietetic Services at Monash University through the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food – Nottinghill

Private individual nutrition consultations are now available with an experienced and qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian at highly discounted rates for staff, friends and family of Monash University.

Appointment costs:

  • Staff new client $50 (1 hour) with $25 for review (30 min)
  • Concession (student or pensioner) new client $20 (1 hour) with $10 for review (30 min)
  • Body composition analysis (Height, weight, bio-electrical impedance analysis on SECA) $15

Appointments are available every Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 2pm, with the exception of the first Wednesday of each month, which is from 3pm-6pm.. The Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food also offers specialist Sports Nutrition and body composition assessment (by DXA) please contact nutrition.dietetics@monash.edu for more details.

Join the Travel club


Travel Club is a private leisure club which gives you access to amazing holiday deals and discounts to destinations all over the world. Backed by the global Flight Centre Travel Group, Travel Club offers Monash University staff access to the best deals together with a dedicated, highly experienced consultant.As a member of Travel Club you will have access to specially negotiated holidays, products and services tailor-made for you. And, as a bonus, all Monash University staff who register will receive a $50 gift voucher upfront, and one every year after that, to put toward their next holiday*. With Travel Club’s “Price Promise” you can be sure you’re getting the very best price, Travel club will beat any available quote you find*, that’s how committed they are to ensuring you have the best value experience every time you travel. So register today and start planning your next trip. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Travelling soon? Discounted Virgin and Qantas lounge access

Sign up for a discounted airport lounge membership Virgin and enjoy the benefits! Virgin Australia lounge corporate memberships offer a special price of $200 per year with a $100 joining fee. Visit Airport Lounge discounts for more information.

Visit employee benefits and discounts for staff for more information

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